Centre of Environmental and Ethical Education Živica, Bratislava

Grant: 66,713 €

Project goal: to educate teachers and pupils to use school grounds in an innovative and holistic way, to demonstrate them with practical tips for sustainable life; to motivate and reward schools searching for effective ways of environmental education.

Main planned results:

a) 8 gardens built at pilot schools; the gardens will be actively utilised by 80 teachers and 900 pupils;
b) creation of the design of the school gardens using a method of participative planning with participation of at least 8 teachers, 16 pupils and 8 representatives of local municipalities;
c) informing the public via:
- methodological handbook Garden that teaches,
- interactive homepage,
- the Ďalekohľad magazine,
- exhibitions at 4 seminars and a conference,
- workshops for other than pilot schools,
- training courses for 30 consultants of Green schools,
- a nationwide conference School of Change.
d) giving awards for environmental education in 3 categories: student award, teacher award and school award.

Web pages of the organisation: www.zivica.sk.

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