Friends of the Earth-SPZ (Priatelia Zeme – SPZ), Košice

Grant: 53,976 €

Project goal: to increase environmental awareness on good practice in composting and use of compost in relation to both the broad and expert public and thus help Slovakia to fulfil targets set in the EC Landfill Directive.

Main planned results:

a) submitting arguments related to preparation of legislative changes to the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic and the Members of the National Council in the form of guidelines and lists of facts;
b) increasing environmental awareness of the public in area of biologically degradable waste by:
- preparation and distribution of printed and electronic materials, 5 TV shots and 7 instructional film documents,
- via web pages,
- e-mailing to all municipalities in Slovakia,
- organising 10 lectures for the public, 8 expert seminars, 5 trainings for managers of municipal compost sites and 2-day conference on management of biological waste,
- media work;
c) decreasing of CO2 emissions by supporting composting in a pilot municipality of Chocholná-Velčice: introduction of domestic composting (at least 80% of households) as well as composting at communal and municipal level and thus decreasing of CO2 emissions by at least 450 tons.

Web pages of the organisation:

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