Banská Bystrica, December 6, 2013

The main purpose of the second year of competition Restart Slovakia was looking for innovative online solutions for issues such as equality, tolerance, effective governance and transparency. The competition was a part of the project Support for the development of active citizenship in online, which was supported by the Ekopolis Foundation through the Program Active citizenship and inclusion by amount of 46.483 eur.

The competition Restart is the project of non-profit organization TechSoup Global, which was tested in Romania in 2011 and in the Czech Republic in 2012. In Slovakia it has been taken over by the organization Center for Philanthropy. The Restart Slovakia in 2013 was supported from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the Program Active citizenship and inclusion, which is implemented by the Ekopolis Foundation in cooperation with the Children of Slovakia Foundation and the SOCIA Foundation.
The competition was open for active citizens, students, NGOs, community groups or start-ups. Participants competed for the support of his ideas on the internet or mobile applications, which are concerning the transparency and efficiency of governance, equality and tolerance, reducing hate speech, racism, extremism, violence and corruption and also support of law openness of state in different areas.
The results of competition were published 4th December 2013 during the Gala night at the Design Factory in Bratislava. 27 projects were registered in the competition. Commission selected 10 projects-finalists, which were published on the portal ĽudiaĽuď The public could support those projects by vote and small donation throught the portal ĽudiaĽuď Projects obtained 15,794 votes and 230 donors supported projects by amount of 2.155 eur.
On the first place was a project named Vždy a všade–pomoc na dosah (Always and everywhere – help near at hand) – it is online advice for youth in crisis intervention, psychological and social support. The second place belonged to project Nemlčme! (Don’t be silent), it is a portal for victims of sexual violence. The project Čo robím (I do), which helps young people to choose their jobs, gained the third place. Winners gained financial donation of 5,000 eur to start a project from the company SK-NIC and  free hosting for one year from the company Websupport.
Another of awarded projects was the project named Budujeme nádej (Build hope), which is an innovative model for promoting the building houses in Roma settlements.

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