Spoločnosť pre karpatskú zver, Zvolen

Grant: 67,528 €

Project goal:
By drawing up the Wolf Action Plan, demonstrating effective methods of livestock protection against depredation and increasing awareness of people to contribute to conservation of large carnivores.

Main outcomes of the project:
a) elaboration of a draft version of the Wolf Action Plan at the national level;
b) introduction of modified and combined methods of protection of livestock at 5 model farms altogether covering an area of 2,800 hectares;
c) realisation of an opinion poll focused on assessment of conflict situations between situations between large carnivores and livestock and the level of used protection measures at at least 100 farms;
d) spreading information on the project and its outcomes towards the expert public and the broad public:
- informing the farms on options of protections of their livestock and co-existence with large carnivores,
- informing the public through web-pages, work meetings, education seminars and external media.

Project web-pages:

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